OMG!I GOT A PART IN ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!{A Taylor Lautner Story}5

by: Essie_River

ok here's #5!sorry i gotta lil sidetracked and im tryna pack 4 da trip n mii aunt keepz callin me 2 make sure I got evything i need for da trip which iz only 2 dayz long!I mean seriously she's making me pack as if ima runaway love!lolz!!!! so antywayz comment n r8 plz!!!!!luv yallz 2 deaf!!!!kisses!{no rainbos!lolz!:)}

*Renee*(oh n sorry dis 1 iz kinda short.i hava sm,all case uf writer's block itis!if u have any ideas plz msg me!thankies:)

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