Do you know Avril Lavigne's songs?

by: Biancster

Are you an Avril Lavigne fan? Think you know the lyrics to ALL her songs BY HEART? Well, take this quiz and see if you actually DO know all her songs. Good luck!

  1. 1

    "Any second you'll be wrapped around my finger...." (Girlfriend)

  2. 2

    "I hate, you now. So go..." (I Can Do Better)

  3. 3

    "I just want to scream and lose control. Throw my hands up..." (Runaway)

  4. 4

    "That you're not, not, not, gonna get any better. You..." (The Best Damn Thing)

  5. 5

    "And the bed where you lie..." (When You're Gone)

  6. 6

    "I know you're, the kind of girl..." (One Of Those Girls)

  7. 7

    "It's so contagious. I cannot..." (Contagious)

  8. 8

    "He was a skater boy, she said..."

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