Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/up to book 2 in Breaking Dawn

by: Cullen_Lover21

This quiz is going to test your knowledge on Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse and up to book 2 in Breaking Dawn. Some questions will be easy some may be hard.

Author: Stephenie Meyer
Publishing company: Megan Tingley Books Little, Brown and Company
Copyright: 2006
City of Publication: 237 Park Avenue, New York

  1. 1

    Eclipse Question: Who said, " He was in her room, Alice. He could have still been there — waiting for her."?

  2. 2

    New Moon Question: What was Bella's dream about in the beginning?

  3. 3

    Breaking Dawn book 1 Bella Question: Who said, " Yeah. Easier, you know. Thought I'd better take advantage of the hands."?

  4. 4

    Twilght Question: What page did Bella cringe and say, "Yes, dad?"?

  5. 5

    Eclipse Question: Who shouted, " And I'm a Virgo!"?

  6. 6

    Breaking Dawn Book 2 Jacob Question: Who "says" "You sound stupid, too"?

  7. 7

    Twilight Question: What was the first sentence in the preface?

  8. 8

    Twilight Question: Who said, "I'm curious now, though, " he said, "Have you ever...?" He trailed off suggestivley. ?

  9. 9

    In which book did Edward tell the story of Carlisle becoming a vampire?

  10. 10

    New Moon Question: Did Quil ever get in Bella's Truck?

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