Dont Forget the Lyrics

by: rach7
  1. 1

    love like this-We go back so far swinging in your _____

  2. 2

    Apologize-I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a ____ for you

  3. 3

    b!tch-I'm a b!tch, I'm a lover I'm a child, I'm ____, I'm a sinner, I'm a saint

  4. 4

    no one-I just want you close where you can ___ forever

  5. 5

    Like You'll Never See Me Again-Every time you kiss me ____ me like you'll never see me again

  6. 6

    the little things-The ___ things you do to me are taking me over.

  7. 7

    Fergalicious-Fergalicious definition: make them ___ go loco

  8. 8

    stronger-Work it ___, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger,

  9. 9

    suga suga-You know its ____ when we ride We're flinging rawhide

  10. 10

    kiss kiss-I'm a country boy from ____

  11. 11

    with you-cause with every __ and every hug

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