can u finish the lyrics to hsm3? the fans only

by: Crazy_Mo_Fo

if you dont like the movies then just get outta here plz dont judge me i love to sing act and dance so this series of movies seemed the best so i watched and i loved don judge no rude or mean commets plz

  1. 1

    we could be anything we wanna be....

  2. 2

    lets go team!

  3. 3

    right here right now right now

  4. 4

    its one in a million the chance is a feelin..

  5. 5

    cause now its official cant back no

  6. 6

    i got a lot of thing we have to do

  7. 7

    i guess i should have nknown better than believe

  8. 8

    voices in head tellin me they kno best

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