How much do you know about scary, human-like creatures?

by: MMStinks

Ogre, Yahoo, Bigfoot, Yeti, Giant, or Troll?

  1. 1

    Large, Pale-skinned, Clever, usually Bald, Sharp teeth, Habitat: Caves or Holes

  2. 2

    Huge, Disgusting, usually Human-Eating, Cruel, Habitat: Houses, Castles or Caves

  3. 3

    Tall, Humped back, Brown, Huge feet and hands, Habitat: Forest

  4. 4

    Hairy, Stupid, Crude, Habitat: Unknown, possibly holes or stables

  5. 5

    Tall, Humped back, White and Blue, Very Frightening, Huge feet, Habitat: Mountains

  6. 6

    Big, Grey-Green, Crude, Made from Rock, Habitat: Caves

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