what would the twilight WOLVES think of you

what would the twilight WOLVES think of you

by: BrittaniaLove

i decided that you should know if the wolves like you or not... for you were wolf fans
goes into corner and laughs at your stupidity
hrm.... JARED IS MINE... only when i get bored of Emmett though... which is never! unless im mad at him

  1. 1

    when i say werewolf you say...

  2. 2

    whos your pick

  3. 3


  4. 4

    your about to get attacked by a vampire....

  5. 5

    when you smell pretty roses and sparkling in the woods you...

  6. 6

    when it sunny you perfer

  7. 7

    well, uh... what would you do if (insert werewolf name here) told you he was a werewolf

  8. 8

    what would you do if you were hanging with the pack

  9. 9

    are you going to comment?

  10. 10

    will you add me as a friend?

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