Some poem my friend made up...

Some poem my friend made up...

by: PrincessCullen877

She just likes writing and stuff, like me, but she likes poems better. I like writing books, stories whatev. So anyways, she dosent have an account so i decided to post it on here on her behalf. Please be nice. If you didnt like it well, dont complain to me...I mean, what the heck am I supposed to do about that? I dunno if she meant for it to make sense, or if its not supposed to make sense. Well, leave a comment or blah telling me what you think of it and Im no expert at this so I dunno. Baii

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    Whats my friends name? [Its Katie, if you actually read this.]

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    Wanna see the poem?

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    OBTW, sense it doesnt have a title, why dont you comment me some suggestions?

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