The Ultimate LOST Quiz!

by: EmileePace

This quiz is only based on Seasons 1-4 because I haven't viewed 5 yet. either way, Season 5 is not complete yet. THIS QUIZ IS LONG! There are different sections in this quiz:
The Plane
the Survival
Actors and Characters
the Others
Dharma Initiative
If you haved watched and paid attention to LOST this should be easy!!

  1. 1

    Which part of the plane broke away from the rest and landed on the other side of the island?

  2. 2

    Do the Others know when the plane crashes?

  3. 3

    Which person(s) from the Others pretended to be from the crash?

  4. 4

    Matthew Fox plays...

  5. 5

    Josh Holloway plays...

  6. 6

    Dominic Monoghan plays...

  7. 7

    Naveen Andrews plays...

  8. 8

    Evangeline Lilly plays...

  9. 9

    Boone is in love with...

  10. 10

    Sayid is in love with...

  11. 11

    Hurley is in love with...

  12. 12

    Jack loves...

  13. 13

    Who kills Anthony Cooper/Tom Sawer

  14. 14

    Who kills Libby and Ana Lucia?

  15. 15

    The first person off the helicopter and onto the island is...

  16. 16

    ______ pushed John Locke out of an 8-story window before the plane crashed. John was paralyzed. On the island, he was magically able to walk.

  17. 17

    Where do the survivors get theire food?

  18. 18

    They make shelters of...

  19. 19

    Only one fruit listed below do they find on the island. It is...

  20. 20

    Where do they get items like clothes, books, personal items... ?

  21. 21

    Ben falls in love with who as an adult?

  22. 22

    Juliet loves _____, who cheats on his wife for her.

  23. 23

    Juliet secretly dates ______, who cheats on his wife. How are his wife and Juliet linked?

  24. 24

    RANDOM! Dominic Monoghan dates who's actress?

  25. 25

    Dominic Monoghan also was in...

  26. 26

    Dharma has _ stations.

  27. 27

    What is the underwater station called?

  28. 28

    The first hatch was discovered by John and Boone. There was a word on the door. what was it?

  29. 29

    Which station 'job' i not real?

  30. 30

    JACOB is...

  31. 31

    Who is Danielle?

  32. 32

    Who is Alex's blood-parent(s)?

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