who sings these lines?

by: bleedingrose193
  1. 1

    Part of me wont agree cuz i dont know if its for sure....

  2. 2

    if i let you love me be the one adore would you go all the way to be the one im lookin for.....

  3. 3

    scar tissue that i wish you saw.....

  4. 4

    i thought i was i fool for no one but baby im a fool for you

  5. 5

    finally someone let me out of my cage now time for me is nothing cuz im counting no age.....

  6. 6

    peep the style and the kids checkin for it the number one question is how could you ignore it? we drop right back in the cut over basement traps with raps that got you backing this up like rewind that

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