Lady GaGa Lyrics Quiz

Lady GaGa Lyrics Quiz

by: Toad1101
  1. 1

    Just Dance: Wish I could shut my playboy mouth oh oh oh-oh...

  2. 2

    Love Game: Guess He Wants To Play...

  3. 3

    Papparazi: It's So Magical We'd Be so Fantastical...

  4. 4

    Poker Face: I wont Tell Yout You that I Love You Kiss Or Hug You Cause Im Bluffin He's My Muffin

  5. 5

    Eh Eh (Nothing Else I can Say): Boy We've Had A Really Good Time..

  6. 6

    Beautiful, Dirty, Rich: Systematic Honey

  7. 7

    The Fame: I can See My Self In The Movies

  8. 8

    Money Honey: And I Enjoy Some Champagne Why MY Girls Toast Oh Ya

  9. 9

    Starstruck: Would You Make Me Number One On Your Playlist

  10. 10

    Boys Boys Boys: Love It when you call me legs

  11. 11

    Paper Gagsta: Midnight rush with a pen in my hand

  12. 12

    Brown Eyes: So Baby Turn

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