What Song Is Your Life (Girls Only Please)

by: PollyKat

Whatever your feeling like, there's gotta be something to sing that means the same thing! I compare my mood to songs because if you don't know what will happen (let's say you think someone is a jerk but he loves you, I listen to "My Life Would Suck Without You") then you find out what may happen next (they end up together! wee!) That's a teeny example. So whaddouya have to lose? Nothing! C'mon.

Remember even if you don't like the song, look up the lyrics and compare.

  1. 1

    Your favorite colors at THIS VERY MOMENT:

  2. 2

    A saying you would use now:

  3. 3

    You like singing songs

  4. 4

    Super Important! You feel

  5. 5

    You get a strange customized monopoly card that says

  6. 6

    When you feel a certain way you

  7. 7

    An animal you want to be now is:

  8. 8

    You'd say you are

  9. 9

    Your favorite kind of song

  10. 10

    Your guy thinks you are

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