Band Version- Do U Kno The Lyrics?

Band Version- Do U Kno The Lyrics?

by: LoveIsAllWeNeed

Okay, so everyone makes these lyrics quizzes, and they are really random, so i am going to make one, too! except, the main subject will be on Rock, and Heavy Metal/ Band type music. So...see if you know them, and maybe can sing along!! lol.

there are even little hints as to which band wrote the song...

  1. 1

    Band: Anberlin Lyrics: 'Your lips, your lies, your lust, like the devils...'

  2. 2

    Band: Finch Lyrics: 'Like a bad star, i'm falling faster down to her! She's the only, one who knows...'

  3. 3

    Band: The Veer Union Lyrics: 'Take what you can, change the seasons...'

  4. 4

    Band: Creed Lyrics: 'What if, you did? what if, you lied? What if, i avenge?...'

  5. 5

    Band: Breaking Benjamin Lyrics: 'So sacrifice yourself! And let me have what's left!...'

  6. 6

    Band: Three Days Grace Lyrics: 'It's not what i took from you. It's not what i stole. We are born...'

  7. 7

    Band: Chevelle Lyrics: 'So lay down! The threat is real. When his sight....'

  8. 8

    Band: Saving Abel Lyrics: 'Cuz it's been eighteen days, since i first held you...'

  9. 9

    Band: Red Lyrics: 'How come you just want to hurt me? How come you just want to push me?...'

  10. 10

    Band: Paramore Lyrics: 'How did we get here? When i used to know you so well? But how did we get here?...'

  11. 11

    Band: Puddle of Mudd Lyrics: 'You could be my someone. You could be my scene. You know that i'll protect you...'

  12. 12

    Band: Trapt Lyrics: 'I was sick of restrictions, sick of the boundaries...'

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