Who are you in Warrior Cats?(She-cats only!)

Who are you in Warrior Cats?(She-cats only!)

by: Sunshinepaw

In this quiz, you will find out who you are, what clan you belong to, and more! If it is possible, I will add more outcomes later!

( This is based off the website WarriorCatClans2new.wetpaint.com, the #1 Warrior Cat Roleplay website on the web! )

  1. 1

    You are at a gathering, sitting alone, when the tom you like comes to sit by you. You...

  2. 2

    Uh oh! You smell a badger! What do you do...

  3. 3

    GRAWR! Just to throw it in there ^_^. Favorite color?

  4. 4

    You see a small injured kit sleeping in a pile of twoleg rubbish. You..

  5. 5

    A twoleg walks into camp. You...

  6. 6

    One day, you wake up in a camp that is not yours, but everyone in your clan is there. Suddenly, a random turkey dashes across the clearing being chased by a worm. You...

  7. 7

    Your crush pulls you aside and tells you that he loves you. What do you do?

  8. 8

    Uh oh! There is only one more thrush on the freshkill pile! And a cat picked it up at the same time you did! You...

  9. 9

    StarClan comes to you in a dream, saying that the clans are at war. You..

  10. 10

    OMG! Last Question....did you likey mah quizzy?

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