Wich di Angelo from Percy Jackson and the Olympians are you most like?

by: Rainofthewind

Are you more like Bianca di Angelo or Nico di Angelo? Find out with this quiz!

  1. 1

    You are lost in the woods with a group of friends. You come to a fork in the road. Your friends say to go left, but your gut instinct is to go right. Which way do you go?

  2. 2

    A new school year means new activities. Would you rather...

  3. 3

    If you stole all of the money out of Bill Gate's bank account, where would you stash all this money?

  4. 4

    Which artist are you more familiar with?

  5. 5

    Your boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped you. You:

  6. 6

    There is this HUGE new roller-coaster in the amusement park with the works. The ride is so dangerous, it has a death toll at about 3 per day. Your friends want to try it. You...

  7. 7

    Your school bully asks you to sign his/her yearbook. You...

  8. 8

    What color out of the following choices would look best on you?

  9. 9

    When the cat is away...

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