Do you have good friends?

by: laraynae123

Life and relationships are filled with drama and sometimes they dont turn out so good. are your friends, friends till the end or backstabbing bitches?

  1. 1

    Is Your friend always being funny and embarising around you?

  2. 2

    Does your friend flirt with either the same girl or guy you like when they know you like him/her?

  3. 3

    Has your friends ever went out with one of your ex's after you broke up with him/her?

  4. 4

    Does your friend ever change plans on you at last minute cause they have a hot date?

  5. 5

    Does your friend ever steal food off your plate at lunch

  6. 6

    Does your friends call you all the time?

  7. 7

    Did you think this quiz was cool?

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