how much do you know red vs blue!?

how much do you know red vs blue!?

by: slimjim666
  1. 1

    who died frist on all the red vs blue?

  2. 2

    who has an idea that said "whisper whisper whisper"?

  3. 3

    who is the real team killing F*** tard in red vs blue ?

  4. 4

    who is the most random person on red vs blue

  5. 5

    who seid "I came here to lie down some pipe "

  6. 6

    how huch episodes are thier in season 4

  7. 7

    who sucks at the sniper riffle

  8. 8

    who say "they can't see me cause i can't see them"

  9. 9

    who seid "this must be the greatest discovery in the history of man kind"

  10. 10

    do you like this test

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