name the song

by: MuFFroCk_

ok these are some of my favorite songs....... DO YA KNOW THEM?

oh and if you can get anywhere from 70%-100% send me a friend request because you rock!

  1. 1

    but what a shame, what a shame, the poor groom's bride is a wh0re." I chime in with a Haven't you people ever heard of closing the --damn door? No, it's much better to face these kinds of things....

  2. 2

    You're never gonna fit in much, kid, but if your troubled and hurt, what you've got under your shirt, will make them pay for the things that they did!

  3. 3

    do you ever wanna run away? do you lock yourself in your room, with the radio on turned up so loud, that no one hear you screaming?

  4. 4

    well maybe I'm the fagg0t america. i'm not a part of a redneck agenda.

  5. 5

    is there anybody out there, who wakes up with a bitter taste, it's the king that we put up there, he's short way to fall from grace.

  6. 6

    go to college, a university,get a real job, thats what they said to me, but i could never live the way they want.

  7. 7

    You were everything I wanted, but i just can't finish what i started, there's no room left here on my back, it was damaged long ago.

  8. 8

    thought that everything was perfect, is that how it's supposed to be?

  9. 9

    yesterday was hell, but today i'm fine without you.

  10. 10

    i know a girl who's obsessed with a guy, she'll talk for hours and still tommorow she'll call again.

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