who are you to me?

by: GoldFish12

this will tell you how i think of you and how much we are alike

  1. 1

    what kind of clothes do you wear?

  2. 2

    you go into target or some place like that and see a shirt the says clapton on it who is this person to you?

  3. 3

    video games to you=???

  4. 4

    what kind of music do you listen to?

  5. 5

    people are wearing uggs at school or for guys the skater shoes how do you react?

  6. 6

    quick do you play guitar? or want to? or i led people to think i do

  7. 7

    how do you deffine the guitar's brand or original company?

  8. 8

    i know this a stereotypical quiz to some but this is how i see these answers okay?

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