by: Rambo3

I highly doubt than any fan can get 100% on this tough quiz, If you do, I shall be thoroughly impressed. And my kudos are given to anyone with 80% or more.
The best of luck to you. :)

  1. 1

    How many immortals make up the Cullen/Hale family by the end of the 4th book?

  2. 2

    Who is seen cliff-jumping in the beginning of New Moon?

  3. 3

    Who is the newest original member of the Cullen coven at the end of Breaking Dawn?

  4. 4

    Who is the author of the Twilight saga?

  5. 5

    what was causing Emmett to die when Rosalie saved him?

  6. 6

    In what order does the cullen coven synthesize?

  7. 7

    what is the name of Bella's favorite friend in highschool?

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