Do you know the Lyrics? (camp rock edition!)

Do you know the Lyrics? (camp rock edition!)

by: 4evaLovinKrisAllen

peace ppl......

  1. 1

    I been feeling lost, Cant find the words to say, Spendin' all my time stuck in yesterday

  2. 2

    Yes I believe, I get to make the future what I want to be, If I can make up any one and know the choice is up to me

  3. 3

    Do you know what it's like, To feel so in the dark, To dream about a life, Where you're the shining star

  4. 4

    You gotta scream until, There's nothing left, With your last breath

  5. 5

    You're lucky I'm so nice, Even I'm surprised, You are still allowed to be in my crew

  6. 6

    Come as you are, Youre a superstar, World in your pocket , And you know it

  7. 7

    Got my six string on my back, Don't need anything but that, Everything I want is here with me

  8. 8

    We can shine like the sun, If we believe that, 2 stars are brighter than one

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