True or False?(General Knowledge)

by: Random_Pickle99

Im bored so i made this quiz.The title is self explanitary - Its a true/false quiz with general knowledge.
Enjoy! =D oh, btw all the information is useless and random. The best kind.

Please tell me how you did in comments!!!! =P

  1. 1

    The chicken came before the egg.(i'll elaborate in comments)

  2. 2

    When lightning strikes a beach it makes clay.

  3. 3

    The word 'Darlec' in docter who, origenates from encyclopedias.

  4. 4

    Each day, 44,000 babies are born in China

  5. 5

    British people eat 97% of the worlds baked beans.

  6. 6

    The average British woman spends 18 months of her life looking in a mirror.

  7. 7

    Hitler was on the shortlist for the 1938 Nobel Peace Prize

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