u might be a redneck

by: Luckyz_Babygirl

just take the dang quiz allready its 4 boys and girls so dont get confused

  1. 1

    have u ever worn a dress thats strapless w/ a bra that isnt?

  2. 2

    have u ever used the tree on the corner when u took ur dog for a walk?

  3. 3

    has someone ever said hoedown and girlfriend hit the floor?

  4. 4

    do u own a home thats mobile and 14 cars that arent?

  5. 5

    have u ever mowed the lawn and found a car?

  6. 6

    have u ever made change in the offering plate at church?

  7. 7

    has any1 ever asked u if they could hunt in ur front yard?

  8. 8

    have u ever saw a sign that said say no 2 crack and it reminded u 2 pull up ur pants?

  9. 9

    has ur mom ever come out of the bathroom and said hey yall come look at this before i flush it?

  10. 10

    does ur relatives cell number have nothing 2 do w/ a phone?

  11. 11

    do directions 2 ur house include turn off the paved road?

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