Does He Like You Back?

Does He Like You Back?

by: Cherokeebaby21

This quiz is gonna tell you whether or not that special someone likes you back or not. You can trust me with this quiz because I have A LOT of guy friends that I hang out with most of the time I hang out with anyone so I know how they are, how they act and why they do it. Just take two deep breaths, relax, be totally 100% honest, and trust me!

  1. 1

    He sees me walking down the hall in his direction..

  2. 2

    Your sitting at a lunch table chowing down and you catch him staring at you, so you smile...

  3. 3

    OH MAN!! As your walking to class you drop a book and as you bend down to get it, all of the other ones slip out of your grasp and go tumbling down the stairs right in front of him!...

  4. 4

    You get the biggest test of the year back from your teacher and you only got a C-!! He asks you how you did and you reluctantly show him the paper...

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