How well do u kno tokio hotel

How well do u kno tokio hotel

by: xxlalakxx

This is a pretty easy quiz if u kno tokio hotel

  1. 1

    how many memebers are in tokio hotel

  2. 2

    what was there origanal name

  3. 3

    what is there favorite food

  4. 4

    who is the oldest

  5. 5

    Which song is about tom's one night stand

  6. 6

    Which song is about the fans

  7. 7

    what year was the band formed

  8. 8

    Do the twins smoke

  9. 9

    does bill have a tatto on his forearm and if so wat does it say in english

  10. 10

    does tom have a tattoo of the tokio hotel symbol on the back of his neck

  11. 11

    wat is the name of there second album

  12. 12

    wat 2 jobs did tom say he would want 2 do if he wasnt famous

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