How Blunt Are You?

by: _OMGitsABBY_

Sometimes being honest can hurt. Do you tell it like it is or cushion the blow? Thanks to LilithoftheBlackMoon for taking my poll. I have 6 new quizzes to make! Keep voting!

  1. 1

    Your sister cut her hair really short and you think it looks awful. When she asks your opinion, you…

  2. 2

    Your friend is trying out for the school chorus – even though she can’t sing. When she belts out her audition song for you, you…

  3. 3

    Your mom bought you a frilly pink dress to wear to your cousin’s wedding. When she asks you if you like it, you…

  4. 4

    When asked your opinion, you often…

  5. 5

    You think your best quality is…

  6. 6

    You get invited to a birthday party for a classmate who you don’t like. You say…

  7. 7

    It’s your dad’s night to cook dinner and he’s a mess in the kitchen. When he serves you up a plate of his “turkey surprise”, you…

  8. 8

    Your little brother has to get braces but he’s afraid his going to look really ugly with them. When he complains, you…

  9. 9

    At a sleepover, one of your friends confides that she has a crush on a guy who’s kind of nerdy. You…

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