How smart is your fashion sense... (girls only)?

How smart is your fashion sense... (girls only)?

by: GothicPuppi

Have you ever wondered how smart your fashion sense girls? Well here is the quiz thats actually tells you the truth! (trust me, it is)

  1. 1

    Would you ever, wear polka dots with plaid?

  2. 2

    Would you ever wear a dress while its snowing?

  3. 3

    Would you ever dye your hair with wash-out dye before you went swimming?

  4. 4

    Would you wear neon green finger nail polish with a pink outfit

  5. 5

    Would you style you hair in a cute style when you are chopping up fire wood and moving heavy objects

  6. 6

    Would you were green shoes with blue and white and red outfit

  7. 7

    Do the colors red. white. and blue match?

  8. 8

    Would you dye your hair green if you had a blue plaid outfit?

  9. 9

    Would you wear a gang symbol t-shirt... to a church?

  10. 10

    Does the color white, truly match anything?

  11. 11

    Do you think that wearing high-heels to a farm, while its raining, and you have to go feed the chickens, is a good idea?

  12. 12

    Does Abercrombie & Fitch even rhyme?

  13. 13

    Forever21 and Rue21... related?

  14. 14

    Hollister, is it a goth store?

  15. 15

    Is Wal-Mark a wall paper store?

  16. 16

    Target... Hardware store or clothing?

  17. 17

    Here comes the hard ones... Pacsun... all female store or male and female?

  18. 18

    What color of make-up would you wear if you were wearing a pink and black outfit?

  19. 19

    Hollister opened in year...

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