do you know anything about vampires?

by: xxjustalonleygirlxx

this will let everyone know if you know anything about vampires

  1. 1

    do vampires really sleep in coffins

  2. 2

    if they go in the sun do they burn

  3. 3

    do they live in places that get alot of sun

  4. 4

    are they super strong

  5. 5

    do they even play baseball

  6. 6

    there are "vegatarian' vampires

  7. 7

    do they live with alot of their kind usally

  8. 8

    are there werewolves

  9. 9

    do vampires fight with werewolves if they exist

  10. 10

    do you think its retarded to ask these quetions and do you think vampires exist along with werewolves?

  11. 11

    will you comment

  12. 12

    will you have me commeted to the crazy asilum for beleiveing in vampires and werewolves

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