this is important to me !!!! PLEASE TAKE THIS !!! does my best friend like me back?(hes a guy )

by: uhhok

I moved away in june, but we talk on the phone everydaY!! He flirts and trys to impress me and everything !! Did i mention that if you take this quiz and leave a comment i will take 2 of your quizez and comment??

  1. 1

    Whenever i hang up from 3 way call with him and my best friend my bff says that he always says " I miss her so much! I Hope she comes next summer !Remember that one time she did this ??"

  2. 2

    We both play viola and on webcam he always tries to play for me (like he is trying to impress me!)

  3. 3

    MY bff told me she was talking to his mom and his mom said ' if they went out together i think they would both be really happy ' ( he always tells his mom who he likes so he could of told her )

  4. 4

    He calls me ' special ' (in a good way )

  5. 5

    He sent me a video called ' I loove my friends !" and he onlysent it to me !

  6. 6

    He asks why i didnt call on .... ( whatever day )

  7. 7

    Do you think he likes me ????????

  8. 8

    Do you think i should tell him i like him ??

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