Are you Tokio Hotel's BIGGEST Fan ?

Are you Tokio Hotel's BIGGEST Fan ?

by: foreversacred

do you have what it takes to call your self tokio hotel's BIGGEST fan

  1. 1

    who's the oldest in the band ?

  2. 2

    What Kaulitz brother is the oldest, and by how much time ?

  3. 3

    how many Tattoo's does Bill have ?

  4. 4

    What country is Tokio Hotel From ?

  5. 5

    Before becoming Tokio Hotel, They where known as what band ?

  6. 6

    In an interview, Tom stated his favourite birthday presant was what ?

  7. 7

    Gustav Shäfer was born on what day

  8. 8

    Tokio Hotels first English Debut album was what ?

  9. 9

    Tokio hotel did a remake of what beatles song

  10. 10

    at the age of 13 Bill kaulitz was on Germanys Star Search.. but was beat in the finals by .....

  11. 11

    Bill & Tom Kaulitz Birth name is...

  12. 12

    what 2 band members do NOT have middle names

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