Sweeney Todd 2007

Sweeney Todd 2007

by: mylovebug
  1. 1

    At the beginning of the move, what is the name of the song anthony and sweeney sing on the boat?

  2. 2

    Sweeney Todd tells a story in a son about a barber and....

  3. 3

    Finish this: "A customer! Wait!.........."

  4. 4

    Mrs Lovette won't go into the upstairs apartment because....

  5. 5

    When Mrs Lovette finds out who Sweeney Todd is she takes him to see a "?"man name"?"

  6. 6

    Adolfo claims that he shaved

  7. 7

    Anthony plans to steal johanna and take her to the apartment for half an hour until

  8. 8

    Sweeney Todd kills a woman who he later finds out was his

  9. 9

    When he found out she lied to him Sweeney Todd

  10. 10

    Who killed Sweeney Todd

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