Another How Sexy Is Your Name Quiz

by: rachelgirl95

Add up the numbers next to the letters of your first name.

A=105 B=25 C=250 D=50 E=175 F=20 G=80 H=40 I=60 J=100 K=200 L=180 M=120 N=101 O=60 P=30 Q=40 R=200 S=150 T=175 U=20 V=10 W=60 X=5 Y=110 Z=200

  1. 1

    What'd you get?

  2. 2

    What do you think of this kind of quiz?

  3. 3

    Who do you like the best?

  4. 4

    Will you comment and rate? (be honest)

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