btch the spot aint crunk unless i'm there... RANDOM quizzness

by: littlestloser_x3

... i dfk
yet again im gunna ask wether your good in a freaky good way or freaky bad way... just different questions...

  1. 1

    your at school and you see a Hot guy/girl/heshe:P you...

  2. 2

    stickynote pads are for...?

  3. 3

    i Have super powers i just dont want to show you:)

  4. 4

    your imaginary friend bob is sat on by your mother.

  5. 5

    the dump is...

  6. 6

    your on quibblo too...

  7. 7

    omg question 7

  8. 8

    to bad for ppl answer 1 ppl in question 7.. glasses!

  9. 9

    a bf/gf is...

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