Vampire or Wanna-be? Which are you?

Vampire or Wanna-be? Which are you?

by: Midnight_Luna

Hello Twilight fans, Twilight haters, Vampire hunters, Werewolves, and all mortals! Today you will be taking my quiz. My quiz is honest and not at all biased. I apoligize in advance incase you don't get an accurate result. Please ANSWER HONESTLY. Don't flame because you don't get what you want, that just will show that you're a wanna-be loser.

  1. 1

    Your first question. What is your favorite color? (out of these)

  2. 2

    Bed type?

  3. 3

    Pet of choice?

  4. 4

    Last question (cuz this is taking to long) What are you?

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