How are you with MONEY?

by: missmichaelaj

You just got $1000 for your birthday. How will you spend it? Let's be honest and find out how you are with money.

  1. 1

    You have $1000 and you go to Wal*Mart. What do you buy?

  2. 2

    You feel like beautifying yourself. You:

  3. 3

    Your cousin is going to the senior prom. She asks YOU to help her get ready. You:

  4. 4

    Your best friend's little brother's baseball team went to the championships and your best friend asked you to help decorate. She even gave you a list. You:

  5. 5

    You just got a really great boyfriend/girlfriend. He/she asked you to take them and their parents out to dinner. You go:

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