How well do you know the musical wicked

by: twilight951

ok now you r talkin to the queen of wicked I know all about it so if you are a fan of wicked you have to get passed this test to be the #1 fan of wicked
(? 9,10,and12 are about the wizard of oz the movie)

  1. 1

    who is the main characters

  2. 2

    who turns evil

  3. 3

    which character turns green

  4. 4

    which character is the most popular

  5. 5

    which 2 charcters are sisters

  6. 6

    which girl is in a wheelchair

  7. 7

    why is the girl in a wheelchair

  8. 8

    who dous Madame Morrible request to be the wizards apprentice

  9. 9

    who becomes the wicked whitch of the south

  10. 10

    who becomes the good witch

  11. 11

    why did the girl turn evil

  12. 12

    who is given the red sparkly slippers

  13. 13

    which girl has 2 parents

  14. 14

    which girls hated each other in the beginning

  15. 15

    which girl dates a munchkin

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