rpg/the great infernos episode 3

by: flarey399

the 3rd episode =) i have always dediacted time to this series items,mysterious box, rpg stuff,weapons:sword of aeons kinfe allies:jack,lana forms:demon mode 1 70 or higher means you live the fine for the sword was payed by the death of the monster this episode contains blood and gore if you have a weak stomach do not proceed this takes place in a hospital

  1. 1

    you were knocked out (again) and jack and lana rushed you to the nearest hospital at night

  2. 2

    lana hugs you and jack informs lana that visiting hours are over as they leave you see the door close as you fall asleep(the workers at the hospital rush you into the surgery room)

  3. 3

    you wake up in the surgery room the workers left and you see dead bodys a chainsaw a blowtorch your sword and a missle launcher

  4. 4

    you hide under a table and you watch them look for you after a while they put someone else in the surgery room and stop looking

  5. 5

    they leave the room and its a bloody mess it looks like the person had no chance to figure it out

  6. 6

    you enter to another roomwhere a man is eating intestines the vent ends in this room

  7. 7

    you find a higher vent but someones coming

  8. 8

    a nurse enters the room and takes a bite at the mans eyeball then leaves

  9. 9

    a guy with a bag over his face is chainsawing a puppy

  10. 10

    you reach the exit but it s full of those canibals and pepole with plenty of other pepole sick dieing wounded or unconscious what do u do

  11. 11

    (finale)you jab one doctor in the jaw another you throw then the patients realize the doctors and nurses are canibals

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