by: ScoobySkellington

im listening to my playlist soo yah!

i type part of the song and u guess the title

  1. 1

    I miss you, i miss you so far! and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard

  2. 2

    i know we get a little crazy! i know we get a little loud and i know were never gonna fake it

  3. 3

    I dont blame you you for being you for being you but you cant blame me for hating it

  4. 4

    tell me im an angel, take this to my grave! tell me im a bad man, kick me like a stray

  5. 5

    is there anybody out there that wakes up with a bitter taste, it the king that we put up there and hes a short way to fall from grace

  6. 6

    Sometimes i get the feelin that shes watching over me and other times i feel like i should go

  7. 7

    we wont hear a word they say. they dont know us anyway

  8. 8

    you know when the sun forgets to shine ill be there to hold you thrue the night. well be running so fast we could fly tonight

  9. 9

    This elevator only goes up to ten. when hes not around he always looking at men. down by the pool he dosent have many friends

  10. 10

    Well if u wanted honesty thats all you had to say. i never want to let you down or have you go its better off this way

  11. 11

    I heard that evil comes disguised, like a city of angles im walking towards the light

  12. 12

    I two qaurters of a heart down. these words are all i have so ill ryhme them

  13. 13

    you can say all these beautiful things but they dont mean nothin no they dont mean a thing

  14. 14

    maby its best you leave me alone. a weight is lifting on this evening. i give the final blow

  15. 15

    sometimes i cry so hard from pleading. so sick and tired of all the needless beating

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