is he the right guy for you?

by: taylz911

lets see what will happen when you are done!!!

  1. 1

    does he call you?

  2. 2

    is he ashamed of you?

  3. 3

    does he make you feel good???

  4. 4

    does he take you out alot???

  5. 5

    does he buy you presents???

  6. 6

    if he wanted to kiss you in front of your friends what would you do???

  7. 7

    when is the last time you saw him???

  8. 8

    does he try to show off in front of people or friends???

  9. 9

    what do you rate him???

  10. 10

    what type of guy is he???

  11. 11

    does he do everything you want him to do???

  12. 12

    why do you go out with him???

  13. 13

    why did you take test???

  14. 14

    is he taller than you???

  15. 15

    do you care what he looks like????

  16. 16

    tell the truth.................. is he nice to everyone???

  17. 17

    does he remember your anniversary???

  18. 18

    what percent sure are you that hes the right one???

  19. 19

    does heput on a special smell for you???

  20. 20

    how long have you known him???

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