do you kno the TWILIGHT saga????

by: xKadeexLuvsxTwilight

how much do u kno about this awesome love story take this test and find out then... questions go from easy to hard so get ready!!!

  1. 1

    the first boy in the story to fall for bella is....

  2. 2

    are the cullens....

  3. 3

    the cullens excuse to go hunting is....

  4. 4

    Carlisle's job is a

  5. 5

    Edwards family is how many members

  6. 6

    Emmetts favorite animal to hunt is

  7. 7

    bella finds out that edward is a vampire by

  8. 8

    alice cullen can

  9. 9

    the cullens favorite sport to play is

  10. 10

    Emmett drives a

  11. 11

    Edward leaves bella in which book

  12. 12

    after he leaves who finds bella out in the woods knocked out

  13. 13

    in new moon jacob finds out that he is a

  14. 14

    rite before edward left he told bella

  15. 15

    how many months passed without edward there

  16. 16

    the next time bella sees jacob he is how tall

  17. 17

    what kind of car is jacob fixin up

  18. 18

    billy black told bella that jacob had_____ but he was actually going threw his changing times

  19. 19

    edward gets told that bella is dead he is so hurt he goes to italy to provoke the

  20. 20

    the third book bella is forced to because she is so cold to

  21. 21

    all the murders in seattle were caused by

  22. 22

    when bella jumped off the cliff in the water bella sees a orange flash wat is the orange flash

  23. 23

    to make sure jacob comes back from the fight bella tells him too

  24. 24

    which one of the books are they makin a movie over

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