if you were a chick in a disney movie, which one would you be?

by: suckerfish

a rather in-depth quiz...i've put a lot of thought into the subject myself.

you'll get a multiple-character answer...i've found that disney chicks fall into categories themselves, so i didn't bother making one for each...


  1. 1

    when you daydream, it's usually all about...

  2. 2

    you like the kind of guy that is...

  3. 3

    your parents keep trying to set you up with a guy that you've never met. most of all, you just want to know...

  4. 4

    your favorite reading material is...

  5. 5

    when you look into your future, you see yourself...

  6. 6

    your favorite band from the british invasion is...

  7. 7

    your dream outfit would be...

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