So What's YOUR Scene Kid Name?

by: faminepulse

Scene kids... Kinda sad, if you ask me... But they have this interesting trend in which you follow your first name with a word that begins with the same letter, and usually has to do with gore or blood or death or whatever. And you're gonna get one of those too. Except I'm not just gonna give you some random name. I'm going to dig deep within the depths of your tortured soul to find a name that fits best.

  1. 1

    What flavor of SCENE KID are you?

  2. 2

    Favorite kind of music?

  3. 3

    How do you feel about cliques?

  4. 4

    Pick a smiley face! =D

  5. 5

    Which of these is the CLOSEST to what you look like? (If you're one of those gender-defined guys, you may omit makeup when you read...)

  6. 6

    So you're shopping. And you find the exact pair of shoes you've been looking for all your life. Only problem is, they cost WAAAAY more than you wanted to spend. What do you do?

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