What kinda fighter are YOU,

by: RyokaFighter

this quiz will tell u what kind of fighter u are and how well u fight

  1. 1

    ur walking down the street and see a guy getting mugged wat do u do

  2. 2

    your friend told u about the underground fighting rings and asked you to go what do you do

  3. 3

    after u deside to go/ if u picked answers 2,3 and 5 u see that the first fighters are weak and the next arent. u guess that u could take them and start down the ramp to the pit. as u decend down...

  4. 4

    to those who didnt go and picked answers 1 and 4

  5. 5

    as you start fighting u notice the guy in front of u is huge @_@ you..

  6. 6

    after u win ur given ur prize mony and are shown to the pit boss. you...

  7. 7

    those that staid home/ you are woke up to glass smashing in ur hous u...

  8. 8

    after u find ur way out from the pit/or after u deal wid ur hous problem u/answers 1-2 if u staid home3-5if u went

  9. 9

    how do you handle bullys

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