Are you part of the Bad Girls Club?

by: rahrahiznum1

Do like to ride on the wild side, or would you rather walk through a field of grass and daisies. Well let a first hand bad girl catagorize you. Are you in my club or not?

  1. 1

    When a Female starts to trash talk:

  2. 2

    You and your guy are out on the town at night. And you both wanna get frisky:

  3. 3

    When you wanna be free and have a littel fun your choice of subsance is:

  4. 4

    In your possy of Volumptuous Vixens you are:

  5. 5

    Are you well known by guys for:

  6. 6

    Your favorite style in bed is:

  7. 7

    On an average day of chillin your shoe of choice is:

  8. 8

    Choice of piercing

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