Could you date a celebrity?

by: chocolatelvr1919

Could you last dating a celebrity? Take this test to find out!!

  1. 1

    You and you celebrity gf/bf are at a dance club, when a big group of photographers and interviewers walk in. You. . .

  2. 2

    You and your date are going to walk down the red carpet. You . . .

  3. 3

    Your date is performing live. Near the end, they ask you to come out for the crowd. You. . .

  4. 4

    Someone started a rumor about you. It's spreading like wildfire throughout the media! You. . .

  5. 5

    You and your date are in a big disagreement on one of your dates. Soon, there's a big crowd watching. What do you do?

  6. 6

    You and a date have the best hotel room in the city for a night, but when you get there, a huge crowd of photographers are standing by the door. What do you do?

  7. 7

    Your date dedicates a song to you at a party. When it's announced, everyone stops and starts watching you. What do you do?

  8. 8

    A huge fan club comes up to you and your date. It looks as if they're hitting on your date. You. . .

  9. 9

    You and your date get pretty waisted at a bar. The next day, the public has published some things you did while you were drunk. You're imbarrised, but what do you do?

  10. 10

    A bigger and more famous celebrity asks you out when you're still dating your current celebrity. You. . .

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