Prestige Quiz

by: hottie_babe123

only take this if youve seen the prestige! plz comment

  1. 1

    What's the first word in the movie

  2. 2

    last word

  3. 3

    why did Angier's wife die

  4. 4

    what did angier in disguise do to Bordon when he volunteered for the bullet catch

  5. 5

    was tesla the secret to bordons trick

  6. 6

    did angier clone himself

  7. 7

    Did Angier stop caring about his wife's death

  8. 8

    three actsof a magic trick in order

  9. 9

    how did Bordon do the bird cage trick

  10. 10

    did Bordon have a twin

  11. 11

    how did angier kill bordon(one of the clones/twins)

  12. 12

    drowning is

  13. 13

    What else is the actor of Cutter on

  14. 14

    Did Bordon not really know which not he tied

  15. 15

    Does Bordon have a daughter

  16. 16

    if so does he get her back

  17. 17

    who dies in the end

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