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guys, how hot are you??

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take this quiz to see how hott I think you are!! oh and i have really bad taste in guys! (just warning you)

  1. 1

    how old are you?? im 13 years old

  2. 2

    what color eyes do you have?? i have blue

  3. 3

    what color hair do you have?? i gots dirty blond

  4. 4

    are you fat?? im so not

  5. 5

    have you ever had a girl friend?? i don't like girls so NO!!!

  6. 6

    are you smart or a retart?? im a dumb blonde

  7. 7

    how tall are you?? im 5' 4 i think

  8. 8

    do you think your hott?? DEFFINATLY!!!

  9. 9

    were you totally honast when taking this quiz?? i hope so

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