by: fraidtofall24

hey, i took some of these random quizes and they made me laugh so i wanna make one. hope u like... if u don't then... i hate u.... lol jk jk jk

  1. 1

    if train A and B are going towards eachother, 35 mikes apart, 75 miles an hour, what will happen??

  2. 2

    can u trip over a cordless phone???

  3. 3

    have you ever spent 20 minutes looking at an juice box cuz it said "concentrate"

  4. 4

    how do you spell "encyclopedia"?

  5. 5

    how many times a day do your friends ask you wat the frick your talking about

  6. 6

    do you think your spacey

  7. 7

    who is the president of the US rite now (todays date is ... march 16th 2008)

  8. 8


  9. 9

    what color is the sky???

  10. 10

    whats the number for 911??

  11. 11

    do u think your...

  12. 12

    what does ily mean (i no dumb q... but it took ME a while to figure it out.. so yah)

  13. 13

    can u say random?

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