by: fraidtofall24

ok this is a quiz bout the harry potter books.... hope u like

  1. 1

    After Umbridge's detention sessions what was writen on the back of harry's hand

  2. 2

    what was the spell ron tried to use of their first train ride

  3. 3

    when harry told dumbledore he had told the misinster that harry was dumbledores man through and through dumbledore.....

  4. 4

    what was rons expression wen harry kissed ginny

  5. 5

    where did harry get the sword of gryffindor???

  6. 6

    what is dumbledores full name

  7. 7

    who gave Umbrigde the information about the DA

  8. 8

    who is harry's godfather

  9. 9

    what put fluffy to sleep????

  10. 10

    what did harry take from the ministry in the 7th book

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